Commercial Property Management Services in Langley & Surrey

Commercial Strata Management

Are you looking for someone to handle your commercial property management in Langley or the surrounding areas? If so, look no further than Premier Strata Services Inc. Our commercial property managers are tasked with taking care of properties that have units to rent. In short, a property manager serves the landlord and act as a liaison between the owner and the renters. A strata property manager, while similar, serves the owners’ corporation, but not the individual owners. In some cases, we are hired when there is no executive committee for the owners’ corporation. However, we can also work alongside an executive committee.

When to Choose a Property Manager

In many cases, an apartment complex will utilize the services of a strata manager. That’s because apartment complexes tend to have a lot of legal requirements and it’s prudent to protect the investment of the owners by preventing issues like underinsurance and poor building maintenance. However, if you’re a landlord with a few properties, you’ll probably want the services of a property manager. It’s not required to use a property manager, but most people find it saves them time and makes their investment property easier to manage.

What We Offer

At Premier Strata Services, our experienced property managers provide our clients with many services. The main goal of our property managers is to make sure your renters are taken care of and your rental volume will be at maximum capacity. We do this in a number of ways, including:

  • Unit quality: We will make sure your units are habitable and usable by performing regular inspections and ensuring there are no issues
  • Repairs: If upkeep is needed you can count on your property manager to carry out work orders from your tenants
  • Paperwork/rent: Your property manager will take care of other responsibilities like collecting rent and organizing leases and rental agreements.

Are you ready to experience the difference a property manager in Langley from Premier Strata Services can make for you? If so, contact us today to get started!