Our office hours are 9:00 am – 5:00pm Monday – Thursday and 9:00 am – 4:30pm on Fridays. We are closed on weekends and statutory holidays. Outside of regular business hours, we have provided our clients with a 24 hour emergency answering service. Please dial 604-371-2208 and follow the prompts. This service is solely for the purpose of handling emergencies.

When calling the emergency line, you will be asked to provide your name, building address, contact number and the nature of your emergency.  Your call will either be routed to the appropriate emergency service or to your Property Agent.

Owners should call 911 in the event of fire, human injury or theft.  In the event of breaking and entering or vandalism to your home or vehicle, owners should make a police report first.

Once you have contacted our service, please be sure to keep the line clear so that your call can be returned.  No action will be taken until the person placing the call has been reached.

Emergencies include, but are not limited to fires, flood, security breaches such as open garage doors or entrance doors, stuck elevators or situations which require immediate attention.

Non-emergency situations will be addressed the next business day.  The emergency service should not be used for general inquiries such as accounting, bylaw violations or Owner disputes.

Local authorities including, but not limited to, fire and rescue services are responsible for appropriate action.



In the event of a fire alarm, Owners should NOT return to their homes unless directed to do so by the local Fire Department and once they are certain there is no fire emergency.



For burst pipes or flooding , Owners should contact Premier Strata Services or the Resident Manager or Caretaker immediately.  After hours the Property Agent can be paged through the emergency line.  The plumber, restoration company or appropriate contractor will promptly be contacted to attend and perform clean-up.  Fire and Rescue (911) should be contacted if the flooding involves the fire sprinkler system.



If an elevator is malfunctioning, please contact the Resident Manager, Caretaker or Property Agent.
If an elevator is stuck on the weekend or after hours, please contact the Resident Manager, Caretaker or the 24-hour emergency line to have your Property Agent paged.


Break-ins, Vandalism & Theft

Vehicle break-ins, suite break-ins, or vandalism to personal or common area property should be immediately reported to the police and then Premier Strata Services.  If you suspect a suite door has been vandalized and the Owner is away please report it to Premier immediately so that the proper authorities can be contacted.


Power Outage

In the event of a power outage, emergency generators should come on within 2 – 3 minutes, giving emergency lighting in the hallways, stairwells and common areas.  If there is a major power outage, Residents should contact BC Hydro.



Know the safe spots: against inside walls, under sturdy tables, desks or supported doorways.
Know the danger spots: windows, mirrors, hanging objects, fireplace and tall, unsecured furniture.
Learn how to shut off gas, water and electricity in your own suite.
Keep breakables or heavy objects on bottom shelves.
Maintain emergency food, water and other supplies, including a flashlight, a portable battery-operated radio, extra batteries, medicines, first aid kit and clothing.


During Earthquake:

• If INDOORS, stay there.  Get under a desk or table or stand in a doorway or corner.
• If OUTDOORS, get into an open area away from trees, buildings, walls and power lines.
• If in a HIGHRISE BUILDINGS, stay away from windows and outside walls. Get under a table. Do NOT use the elevator.


After Earthquake:

• Check for injuries.  Apply first aid.  Do not move seriously injured individuals unless they are in immediate danger.
• Check for fire, gas and water leaks, broken electrical wiring or sewage lines.  If you suspect there is damage, turn utilities off at the source.  If there is no damage, do not
turn off the gas.
• If you smell gas, douse all fires, do not use matches, candles, and do not operate electrical switches. Open windows, leave the building and shut off gas valve.
• Check building for cracks and damage, including roof, chimneys, and foundation. If you suspect there is damage, turn off all utilities and leave the building.