Renovations Guide

Owners need to be aware that renovating their home in a strata is much different than renovating a free standing home. Strata living is community living aligned with rules and regulations that owners must follow. This includes the procedures required for home renovations.

Owners should first check their bylaws to see what is allowed and additionally, what’s required in order to obtain approval for completing the renovations. They also need to check with the municipality where they live to see if permits are required for the renovation, paying attention to the rules and bylaws of their specific municipality.

When considering a renovation, it’s recommended that the owner is mindful of how noise easily travels in order to prevent any unnecessary problems. When considering flooring, a high acoustic rating is recommended to minimize the noise disturbance for the people living below and beside the renovated unit.

When considering a jetted tub, Owners must be mindful of the possibility of noise disturbance problems that might be transmitted through shared walls causing vibrations that disturb the neighbour.

It’s important to ensure your renovations/alterations are completed by a qualified professional with the proper insurance, keeping in mind that load baring walls should never be disturbed. Additionally, any required permits should be submitted with your renovation application.

It’s also suggested that neighbours are notified about any possible noise during the renovations and approximately how long they will take to complete. Most Strata Corporations require that all renovations have prior written approval from Council. Owners should be aware that once the renovation is complete, the owner will be responsible for ensuring the alteration as well as to repair and maintain it. .


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