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Management Team




Veronica Wynn
Position: President & Chief Executive Officer 
Licensed in Real Estate, Strata Management and Property Management
Tel: 604-371-2208  Ext: 226
Email: or

Veronica is the President, CEO and founder of Premier Strata Services. Veronica is a licensed realtor who is also licensed in Strata Management, Rental and Commercial property management.  Veronica founded Premier on the principles of superior customer service, honesty, integrity and commitment.



Frank Wood
Position: Managing Broker
Tel:  604-371-2208  Ext. 222
Email - or

Frank Wood is the Managing Broker for Premier Strata Services Inc.  Frank is licensed as Managing Broker for Strata Management and Rental Property Management.  He has been involved in facility and property management for the past 20 plus years including the past 10 years in a leadership role with one of the largest residential property management companies in North America.  Holding degrees in business and technical theatre, he brings a balanced mix of business skills and a strong focus on customer service and continuous improvement in support to the team at Premier.


Nelson Chung, CPA, CGA
Position: Chief Financial Officer
Tel: 604-371-2208 Ext. 234

Nelson Chung, CPA, CGA and former US CPA, has more than 30 years accounting experience in different industries, specializing in strata property management in the last 14 years.  He was the CFO and a member of the Executive Board of Directors in the largest strata property management company in BC, which was also recognized as one of the largest in Canada.  His contribution has been recognized in the industry and he has been nominated as the Top CFO in Vancouver in 2010.  Nelson's experience and skill leads our accounting team to deliver the best standard in the industry to our clients.



Patricia Lee
Position: Corporate Liaison
Tel: 604-371-2208 Ext. 224

Patricia serves as the liaison between the Clients, Employees and corporate sector of Premier Strata Services.  Patricia has served on the Board Of Directors of numerous non-profit organizations.  Patricia has a background in conflict resolution and is certified in the foundations of effective management and leadership.  


Amber Kiss

Position: Licensed Strata Agent
Tel: 604-371-2208 Ext: 231

Amber is experienced in all aspects of customer service and served as the Executive Assistant to Veronica Wynn, President of Premier for three years.  Amber is now licensed in Strata Management and maintains her own portfolio.  Amber is always available to assist in any manner required to provide superior customer service to Premier Clients.  




Maria Mudrakova
Position: Licensed Strata Agent
Tel: 604-371-2208 Ext. 263

Maria is a Licensed Strata Agent with Premier Strata Services.  Maria is keen on providing the customer service expected of Premier Agents and will be a tremendous asset to the existing team.   Maria will be working with existing buildings and new construction projects.    



David Chiarello

Position: Licensed Strata Agent
Tel: 604-371-2208  Ext: 258

David is a Licensed Strata Agent with Premier Strata Services Inc.  David's strong organizational skills allow him to excel with warranty deficiencies and high rental properties. David is a strong and patient leader and instills a sense of teamwork within our office.




Robert Dresser
Position:  Project Building Consultant
Tel:  604-371-2208 Ext: 262

Robert has over 54 years as a Strata and Rental Property Manager and has been involved in numerous large scale special projects.  Robert serves as a building consultant on special projects and master planned  communities.  His experience is invaluable to our Agents and to our clients.  Robert also assists in training of our new agents on providing superior customer service and performance of site visits.    



Cornelia Schofield

Position: Licensed Senior Strata Agent
Tel: 604-371-2208  Ext: 233

Cornelia is one of our Senior Strata Agents.  Cornelia has been a licensed Strata Agent for over 20 years and has vast knowledge of high maintenance buildings, both existing and new construction. Cornelia has a hands-on approach and a stellar reputation in the industry. Cornelia is always there as a strong resource and wealth of knowledge for our Premier Agents.



Chad Hutter
Position: Licensed Strata Agent
Tel: 604-371-2208 Ext. 260

Chad is licensed in Strata Management and has worked extensively in Customer Service and Hospitality. Chad has a passion for the industry of Strata Management and excels by showing strong leadership and strong communication skills.  Chad's organizational skills are second to none. 


Nickolay Lebedev
Position: Licensed Strata Agent
Tel: 604-371-2208  Ext: 232

Nikolay is licensed in Strata Management.  Nikolay is efficient in servicing Premier clients while using effective time management. Nikolay is incredibly organized and believes in going the extra mile to provide Premier quality.    



Gordana Djuric

Position: Licensed Strata and Rental Agent
Tel: 604-371-2208 Ext. 264

Gordana is licensed in both Strata and Rental Management.  Gordana has several years of experience dealing with new construction and existing buildings.  Gordana has dealt with both sections and types including commercial and residential. Gordana has a calm personality and believes in servicing the clients to the highest standard.    



Accounting Team



Jueqi Xie
Position: Senior Strata Accountant
Tel: 604-371-2208 Ext. 264

Jueqi is a Senior Accountant in the department.  Jueqi comes with years of strata accounting experience and expresses a keen sense of detail.  Jueqi has a strong work ethic that sets the tone for the entire department.  Jueqi speaks fluently in English, Cantonese and Mandarin.  



Ellena Kalashnikov
Position: Strata Accountant
Tel: 604-371-2208  Ext: 227

Ellena is an experienced strata accountant in our in-house accounting department lead by our Chief Financial Officer.  Ellena assists in with accounts payables, receivables and client inquiries and is experienced in all types of stratified properties.    


Monika Park

Position:  Strata Accountant
Tel: 604-371-2208  Ext: 257

Monika is an accountant with our team.  Monika has a background in customer service and is always available to assist clients of Premier. Monika is fluent in English and Korean.  



Caroline Kanakoglou

Position:  Strata Accountant
Tel: 604-371-2208  Ext: 223

Caroline Kanakoglou is an accountant with our team who specializes in Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable.  Caroline has experience in high volume accounting and will perform all aspects of accounting and customer service to Premier clients.  Caroline is fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin.  


Administration Team



Amy Langlois
Position: Office Manager
Tel: 604-371-2208  Ext: 228 or 0
Email: or

Amy is the Office Manager for Premier and ensures that day-to-day operations are streamlined. Amy is our lead forms administrator and assists clients, realtors and notaries with all aspects of forms and document collection.  



Jillian Hart
Position:  Front Office Reception
Tel: 604-371-2208  Ext: 221 or 0

Jillian has a strong background in customer service and always greets our clients with a smile.  Jillian is the first stop for new buildings arriving to the Premier family. Jillian is patient and always helpful when dealing with Premier Clients.  



Laurie Hammond

Position: Strata Agent Assistant
Tel: 604-371-2208  Ext: 265

Laurie has re-joined Premier Strata Services as a part of our administrative team.  Laurie assists the Strata Agents with their workload as well as assisting the transition team for new properties coming to the Premier portfolio.  Laurie also assists with reception and front office duties as required.    




Michelle Ruddock

Position:  Strata Agent Assistant
Tel: 604-371-2208  Ext: 265

Michelle has joined Premier Strata Services as a part of our administrative team. Michelle assists the Strata Agents with their workload as well as assisting the transition team for new properties coming to the Premier portfolio.  Michelle comes with previous experience with customer service and event coordination.  Michelle has a pleasant personality and is always prepared to assist our clients and Agents with their needs.      

Kendall Boone

Position: Strata Agent Assistant
Tel: 604-371-2208  Ext: 225

Kendall is experienced in strata management and is pursuing her strata management license.  Kendall is the assistant to our Senior Strata Agents allowing the Agents to continue to provide the Premier standard of service to our clients.  Kendall is extremely organized and is a valuable member of our team.