• Superior Customer Service

  • Regular Site Inspections                                                                                                                                                    

  • Senior Staff Involvement

  • Smaller Portfolios for Agents

  • Thorough, Concise Meeting Minutes

  • Operational Review (Contracts, Staffing, Bylaws, Insurance)

  • Long-Term Goal Planning

  • Easy to Read Financial Statements

  • Financials Distributed within 20 business days of month end

  • Financials Reviewed by a CMA or CGA (Certified Accountants)

  • Licensed, Bonded, Insured

  • Interactive Services such as Online Minutes, Bylaws and Community Websites which ultimately save the strata corporation money on paper and postage

  • In House Tax Services available (for strata corporations)

  • Dedicated Transitional Agent to ensure your building is transitioned smoothly

  • Dedicated Transition Team to ensure your transition is seamless from your existing management to your new management team

  • 24/7 Emergency Services



Premier Strata Services strongly believes that in order to maximize performance, a steady site presence by the Property Agents is necessary.  This instills a level of comfort and trust between the Owners and the Property Agent. 



Premier Strata Services believes that communication is the key to effective management. Our use of interactive services such as email, voicemail and website features enables our managers to stay in touch with the properties they manage.

Premier provides their properties superior service by offering a level of commitment which is unmatched in the industry.  Premier's goal is to understand our properties needs, address their concnerns and assist them in reaching their desired long-term and short-term goals. We offer a supreme level of customer service that is second to none.



Our success is largely based on the service provided by our Managers and Support Staff. A company is only as good as the people who represent them. By providing unique and customized services to every property, we are able to stand behind and deliver on our promises. Premier has worked tirelessly to assemble a superb group of consummate professionals to offer Premier services to our clients. The secret to our success is satisfied clients. We are the Gold Standard in Management!


Come to Premier and Experience the Premier Advantage