How to Avoid Rental Damage in Your Property
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As with any tenancy you probably have a landlord who is likely going to notice conspicuous damage to your property at the end of a tenancy. This would be a certainty if the landlord is employed by one of the local rental management companies in the lower mainland. If you are a typical tenant you take good care of your property, wish to have your entire damage deposit back when you leave, and rightly so.


It is important to remember that the Residential Tenancy Act acknowledges the tenants position for “normal wear and tear’ not “wilful or negligent” damage. If you backed into the carport wall or your little one went on a crayon spree those things fall under the area of tenant responsibility. Generally it is best to make these repairs at the time there is damage rather than make it an issue at the move out inspection.

The landlord will appreciate your care of their property and you can have a clear conscience about your damage deposit. Even better here are a few proactive tips:

  • Use soft coasters for your furniture. Laminate and hardwood is very susceptible to scratches.
  • If you have a ceramic cooktop range use the right cleaning products to avoid damaging the surface.
  • If you have a front loader HE washing machine use the right detergent. They are entirely different from spin load washers because they use so little water.
  • Carpeted homes do best with residents that do not walk around in their street shoes. Shoes off please!
  • Use care when mounting items on the wall. A plaster wall for instance has a much different anchor tolerance that standard stud and drywall surfaces. If you are not handy, get help before you plunge in.
  • Pets are a privilege so responsible tenants ensure the landlord does not pay for their trust in your responsibilities to the property. Take every care for your pets’ habits and needs and you will likely see a smiling face at that last meeting with the landlord.
  • Finally, when the day comes and you are finally moving out you may wish to treat yourself to a professional cleaning of your rental home. A move can be a stressful and tiring experience so a professional cleaning will relieve you of all this at a surprisingly affordable price. When the landlord comes and meets you this is the last say in the cleaning part of the obligation. The landlord will have no basis to withhold any charges if you follow these simple tips.

At the end of the day this was your home and hopefully it was a good place for you. Whatever care and cleanliness efforts you made were surely worth it. Rental property management is a growing industry and a reality down the road for many tenants so your solid references are like credit at the bank. Your good graces can follow you based on a good tenancy, which in turn can help you get what you need and want as far as your living arrangements. So…. always remember the Golden Rule. Corny but true!


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